Guide to Christmas Tree care

If you’re like us, you’ll be wanting to get your Christmas tree as soon as December starts (if not sooner!). So it’s super important when you get a freshly cut tree that you care for it. No one wants to spend Christmas day around a brown tree! Here are some handy tips for caring for your tree from us, to keep it lush and festive all season…

1. Firstly, you need a lush, green, healthy tree to begin with! Which isn’t hard to do at our farm, because they’re all super healthy and happy and fresh!

2. Use a tree stand to make sure your tree remains stable and up-right in a large tub of water (being Christmassy is thirsty work!). We sell a perfect mixture of tree additive that you can add to give it that extra kick!

3. Keep your tree away from direct heat – which we guyess isn’t so much of an issue in Aussie summer, ey? But for that one weird season that we get a cold snap, no heaters near the Christmas tree please!!

4. Make sure you check your tree’s water daily – you’ll be surprised how much water a pine tree can absorb. Just like flowers, trees need fresh water every day.

These simple steps will ensure a lush, festive centrepiece throughout the festive season – perfect for ladening with your favourite ornaments and for making your entire house smell like Christmas. For more tips on keeping your Christmas tree healthy, ask one of our friendly staff when you come down!

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